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Belted Galloways

We started out Belted Galloway herd in 2016 with the purchase of Mochrum Stella and Mochrum Demi.

My uncle George B Sproat was the fourth generation of Sproats to manage their famous Boreland herd which had been established in the 1850s by John Sproat until George retired in 1997 when the herd was dispersed.  When he sadly passed away in 2015 we thought it would be nice to continue the family tradition.  As Mochrum estate had bought Belties from my great great grandfather in the 1850s there was only one place to go to buy our first Belties who have the Boreland herd breeding in their pedigree.

Further purchases now sees us with a herd of 20 pedigree cows.

A big thank you to the Belted Galloway Cattle Society members for being so friendly and welcoming to us at shows and sales.

Lipwood Tilly

Lipwood Tilly

Reserve Champion 2018 Wigtown Show and Dumfries Show.

Braesteads Angel

Braesteads Angel

Mother of Lipwood Tilly and Lipwood Machermore with her 2019 heifer calf.

Lipwood Machermore

Lipwood Machermore

Sold at Belted Galloway Cattle Society Sale at Wallets Marts October 2018 4500gns

Lipwood Craigronald

Lipwood Craigronald

Sold at Belted Galloway Cattle Society sale at Wallets Marts October 2019 2400gns

Machermore Demi

Machermore Demi

First prize calf Wigtown Show 2018

Machermore Demi

Machermore Demi

Junior Champion 2019 Great Yorkshire Show


We started our Limousin herd in 2001with the purchase of Greenbank Patsy, Greenbank Raquel, Ringway Rinette and Ringway Roma.

A highlight of this time was selling Machermore Augustus to Genus.  He was a Ronick Hawk son out of Greenbank Patsy.

We currently have seven pedigree limousin cows.

Beltex Sheep

We have a small flock of Beltex sheep.  Tups are mainly retained for crossing with our cross ewes.

We don't often show these but entered the Beltex Scotland National Show when it was at Wigtown Show in 2017 and were delighted to get male champion.

Texel Sheep

We have also have pedigree Texel sheep.  Tups are sold at local sales as well as privately.

Our flock started when our girls Granny bought them both an in lamb gimmer in 2002.

Cheviot Sheep

One of our favourite things is going to Lairg market to buy replacement cheviots for our cheviot flock.  The majority of our flock was purchased from Alan McKay of South Balkeith, Tain.

We usually cross the cheviot with a Bluefaced Leicester to produce Cheviot Mules but last year we decided to buy a Cheviot tup to breed pure Cheviots.

Cheviot Mules

Over the years we have sold and kept many cheviot mules.  Renowned for their lamb numbers and milk production they really do make the perfect crossing sheep.

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